Castaldo® LiquaSil® Clear RTV Silicone Rubber - 5.5kg

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LiquaSil® Clear is a transparent, two-part, 0% shrinkage RTV silicone mold rubber with a 10:1 mix that cures at room temperature! (Will cure even faster at slightly warmer temperatures). LiquaSil® Clear makes strong, tough, tear resistant silicone rubber molds that do not soften over time. LiquaSil® Clear works well with all 3D printed resin models and patterns.

Supplied as a two-part product, LiquaSil® is easy to measure, mix and pour. Normal cure time is 7-8 hours, faster cure of 1-2 hours is possible at 50ºC /120ºF. Offered in 5.5kg (12 lbs) and 22kg (48 lbs) sets. Made in China.


  • Rapid molds from rapid prototypes
  • Finished molds in as little as 120 minutes
  • Ideal for all 3D, CAD-CAM, wax and resin models
Castaldo® LiquaSil® Clear RTV Silicone Rubber
Shore A Hardness: 32 - 35
Mix Ration by Weight:  10:1
Rubber Shrinkage*: 0%
Viscosity: 8,500cps
Cure Time: 7 - 8 Hours
Rapid Vulcanization Temp: 120°F (50°C)
Rapid Vulcanization Cure Time: 1 - 2 Hours
Specific Gravity**: 1.12
Elongation before Break: 370%
Tensile Strength before Break: 3.8 n/mm2
Color: Clear

* Shrinkage rates are given for the rubber mold itself. Final casting shrinkage rates depends on the skill of the mold cutter.

** Specific gravity of water is 1.00 and a low specific gravity means more molds per pound/kilogram.