Water Jet Cabinet, 120V

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Blast away investment from your jewelry and/or casting trees quickly and efficiently with the Gesswein Water Jet Cabinet. This high-pressure investment blasting cabinet boasts a strong 1,100 PSI with a powerful CAT Triplex Pump, giving a much smoother flow over a standard lower pressure duplex pump; thus minimizing the possibility of system failure due to excessive pulsation. Extra large, heavy duty, 3/8" polypropylene welded cabinet allows more trees to be cleaned at one time, effectively and efficiently. 

Motor runs by a heavy duty 2 HP thermally protected direct drive electric motor. Variable pressure washer nozzle lets you adjust spray pattern 0° to 80°. The washer uses a push-pull motion where you can select high or low pressure depending on the thickness of investment being blasted away.  The wide window and 35-watt LED light helps keep your castings in clear view along with a foot operated electric powered window washer/sprayer to keep your view as clear as possible. 

Dual air operated foot switch (one for pump, one for window washer/sprayer) keeps the operator safe from electrical shock as compared to regular standard electric pedals. The power water supply turns on automatically when power is turned on and flows through a stainless steel braded hose. Access doors and 1-1/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread) drains are on both sides. The perforated floor is removable and keeps trees out of investment residue and safe from loss. Sits on any standard sturdy table or see related product for optional steel angle iron frame for supporting the cabinet. Shipping weight 190 lbs (86kg). Must ship truck and pallet measures 40" x 40" x 29". Backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty. Made in USA.

This item ships FOB from New Jersey.

Note: High pressure spray can cause serious injury. Please refer to the Safety Manual, in product notes below, for proper handling.

Water Jet Cabinet
Electrical 120V, 1Ph, 17A, 60Hz
Motor 2 HP
Max. Water Pressure 1,100 PSI
Max. Temperature 300°F (148°C)
Water Flow 1.9 Gallons per min (7.2 Liters per min)
Outside Dimensions (W x D x H) 24" x 22" x 27" (610 x 559 x 656mm)
Inside Dimensions (W x D x H) 23" x 11" x 18" (584 x 280 x 457mm)
Net Weight 150 lbs (58kg)
Shipping Weight 190 lbs (86kg)

 - This item ships by truck. We will contact you prior to shipment to arrange delivery and quote shipping charges.
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