Sisma SWA 300F and 450F Mold Repair Lasers

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Special Order Item

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The SWA Fiber series is the top-of-the-line laser welder and offers the maximum working range! With the SWA, you can repair any mold size - large or small. The adjustable laser arm and head provides the most flexibility. The standard range of movement is 20" on the Z-axis, 12" on the X-axis and 33.5" on the Y-axis. When adding the optional tilting arm the range of moment is 41" on the Z-axis. All motorized movements are controlled by joystick. Additionally, the microscope head has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, head tilt up to 45 degrees, and head rotate 90 degrees.

The SWA Fiber has been specifically designed to perform modifications and repairs on molds damaged by wear or use. Powered by a new generation FIBER laser source that offers greater energy efficiency and allows for high productivity.

Made in Italy. Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Installation, training, and service provided by Gesswein Company.

Key Features:

  • Productivity
    The new SWA Fiber introduces more process stability and high-quality laser beam compared to its YAG systems. These features increase the production rate, while consistently guaranteeing flawless process execution.
  • Maintenance-Free
    The SWA Fiber does not have any consumable parts and is maintenance-free. The engineering team has pushed the boundaries of energy efficiency, making this the most efficient SWA ever made.
  • Advanced Software Functions (Tracked Routes)
    The processing parameters are managed through software that allows any operator to carry out advanced welding operations practically and intuitively. These software functions include welding along circular paths, on inclined planes, filling, and the overlap function for executing extremely regular weld seams.
Model SWA 300F SWA 450F
Item Number 833-1970 833-1972
Source Type Fiber Fiber
Average Power 300W 450W
Max Peak Power 3kW 4.5kW
Max Pulse Energy 30J 45J
Pulse Frequency 0 - 100 Hz 0 - 100Hz
Pulse Duration 0.1 - 10 ms 0.1 - 10 ms
Spot Diameter 0.1 - 2mm 0.1 - 2mm
Integrated Cooling Air Air
Axis Speed 0.1 - 30mm/s 0.1 - 30mm/s
X Axis Stroke 11.8" (300mm) 11.8" (300mm)
Y Axis Stroke 27.5" (700mm) 27.5" (700mm)
Z Axis Stroke 19.7" (500mm) 19.7" (500mm)
(L x W x H)
49.61" x 55.50" x 64.97"
(1260 x 1410 x 1650mm)
49.61" x 55.50" x 64.97"
(1260 x 1410 x 1650mm)
Weight 629 lbs. (285kg) 629 lbs. (285kg)
Power Supply 230V, 1ph, 2kW 230V, 1ph, 2.6kW
Sisma Software Diagram
Pulse Shaping

PULSE SHAPING operates on laser welding by optimizing its qualitative and functional performance, specifically in two critical areas: the beginning and the end. During the welding pulse, PULSE SHAPING is able to modulate the power delivered by the laser beam in these two particular points, to avoid the arise of porosity, incisions on the edges or surface depressions that can be generated in the stream, ensuring a correct thermal cycle of heating, melting and cooling. This in addition to avoiding the challenges mentioned above, allows welding varieties of steel with a high content of carbon, materials sensitive to cracks and metals with different welding points.

Smart Pulse

SMART PULSE manages welds that require very low laser power. Commonly fiber sources do not allow low values of power, therefore precision welding (using wires with a diameter of less than 0.3 mm) often shows over-penetration or incision defects at the edges. Thanks to SMART PULSE it is possible to control the power delivered even down to reduced values and will guarantee a deposit result without defects.

Remote Sysetm

Remote assistance SWA can connect to the company network to manage and optimize every phase of the process, giving access to data and information in real time, and allowing to make decisions quickly and intelligently to increase efficiency and profitability. Remote assistance can also be performed without having to physically intervene on the machine.

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