Gesswein® Rust Preventatives - Wet

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Protect your molds with Gesswein’s rust preventative treatments. Dry (see related products) and Wet formulas protect molds from rust, corrosive acidic vapors, and corrosion.

Sold in 11.5 oz. aerosol cans; individually or by the case of 12. Made in USA.

Wet Formula -

Wet formula is the choice when extreme protection is required or during lengthy downtime such as 1 year or more. If the mold is exposed to humid conditions, which can happen when shipping overseas, the Wet formula gives the maximum protection. This one-step rust preventive contains both an acid neutralizer and a rust preventive. It provides positive protection by displacing moisture from metal surfaces and adhering tightly to the surface.


  • Extreme Protection
  • Wet coating displaces moisture.
  • Up to 5 year protection indoors.
Item Rust Prevent Wet
Applications Rust Preventative
Appearance N/A
Base Type Petroleum
Evaporation Rate Slow
Working Temperature 32°- 400°F
(0° - 204°C)
Propellant Propane
NFPA Aerosol
Flammability Level
VOC % (Federal) 50.11
VOC g/L (Federal) 346.66
VOC lbs./Gal (Federal) 2.89
Removal Remove with organic or hydrocarbon solvents.
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