Electroplating Unit Comfort II

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The small-size electroplating unit Comfort II from Jentner can be used with all current plating solutions. The machine guarantees an easy, efficient and secure plating process. Furthermore, the Comfort II has an integrated thermostatic control unit and integrated goods movement. The cover plate is transparent and can be closed all around to protect your solutions. Made in Germany.

Optional Equipment:

1X Connectable Heater (200W) - 212-0964

Electroplating Unit Comfort II
(W x D x H)
480 x 300 x 260mm
(19" x 12" x 10")
Weight: 16kg (35.25 lbs.)
Rectifier: 15V / 15A
Bath Volume: 6 Tanks x 1.5 L Capacity
Bath Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 150mm
(6" x 4" x 6")
Controlled Heating:  200W
Supply Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz
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