ARBE 25A Rectifier

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The ARBE powerful 25A plating rectifier will electrostrip, electroplate, electroclean, and electroform to the highest quality standards. Low-cost and simplistic, it is the ideal rectifier for high production plating.

Solid state circuitry eliminates voltage fluctuation, providing a clean DC current output of 0-25 amps. Oversized heat sinks and an internal fan create a cool internal ambient temperature and prevent overheating. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with precise voltage and amperage meters.

Compact (9.5”W x 7.75”D x 6”H) design conserves bench space. Insulated cathode and anode leads included. One-year manufacturer’s warrantee. Shipping weight: 23lbs (10.4 kg). Made in USA.


  • Industrial Grade, Heavy Duty Transformer
  • Output Current 99% Filtered DC Current
  • High Quality Insulated Leads
  • Analog voltage and current / Amp meter displays
  • Built-in Fuse
  • 0-13V Adjustable Output
  • 0-25 Amps continuous Output
  • Input: 120V /60 Hz
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