Solderite™ Soldering Pads

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Hard Solderite™ Pad
Nonasbestos soldering pads which are durable, smooth, and heat-reflective. Fairly hard so that they will not flake or crumble. Highly flame-resistant and noncombustible, these long-lasting, all-purpose pads can be used to protect surfaces from burning. 1/2" thick.

Soft Solderite™ Pad
You can easily push pins, heads or components into Solderite Soft Pads for quick and easy alignment. Composed of the same material as original Solderite and will provide the same superior heat reflection, insulating qualities and fast cool-down time. They won’t break, crack or crumble as so many other soft products will. Asbestos-free, OSHA approved. Measure 3/4" thick.

Both Hard and Soft Solderite are available in 3 sizes: 6" x 6" square, 12" x 12" square, and 6" x 12" Rectangle. Made of calcium silicate.
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