Universal Flex Shaft Set

Available early September 2021
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The Universal Flex Shaft Set is a high-value workhorse built for a wide variety of applications from drilling to polishing to hammering. Universal Motor’s 110v, 1/6 HP BM21C pendant motor hangs above your work bench, taking up virtually no space while delivering high torque at up to 15,000 rpm through the flex shaft to a universal quick-change handpiece. The heavyweight variable speed foot pedal offers intuitive speed control.

Motor covered by two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in Turkey.


  • Universal Motor 1/6 HP BM21C motor
  • Variable speed foot pedal with non-slip bottom
  • Flex shaft and sheath
  • Universal quick-change handpiece with a 2.35mm (3/32") fixed collet
  • Hanger spring and one set of replacement carbon brushes
  • WEB