Gesswein® Rust Preventatives - Dry

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Protect your molds with Gesswein’s rust preventative treatments. Dry and Wet formulas (see related products) protect molds from rust, corrosive acidic vapors, and corrosion.

Sold in 11.5 oz. aerosol cans; individually or by the case of 12. Made in USA.

Dry Formula -

Use the dry formula when mold downtime is at a minimum. Dry formula is easy to clean up and get the mold back into production quickly. It is self-cleaning in startup, thus eliminating the need to flush off with a cleaner. The dry formula will naturally “flash off” within the first few shots of plastic. A non-penetrating mist prevents marking of plastic parts when molds are put back in service. Also use Dry formula on “sweaty molds” to protect against condensation created during the cooling down process.


  • Dry coating is quick and easy to clean up!
  • Self-cleaning in startup.
  • Seals out condensation.
  • Up to 2 year protection indoors.
Item Rust Prevent Dry
Applications Rust Preventative
Appearance Brown-Tint Liquid
Base Type Lecithin
Evaporation Rate Moderate
Working Temperature 32°- 350°F
(0° - 176°C)
Propellant Propane
NFPA Aerosol
Flammability Level
VOC % (Federal) 90.71
VOC g/L (Federal) 588.19
VOC lbs./Gal (Federal) 4.91
Removal Remove with organic or hydrocarbon solvents.
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