T1.5 Deluxe Vacuum Casting Machine - Slightly Used


   Gesswein products are occasionally returned from trade shows, exhibitions or demonstrations with minor scratches, dents or other superficial damage not related to product performance. We make these products available to our customers and ensure they are tested completely prior to offering. Every used item we sell is sold "As Is" with Gesswein’s 60 Day Warranty, All Sales Final!

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Was Originally $1,180.00


Item is used but in full working condition but has a minor dent on the bottom rear left corner and on the middle read left corner.

For both standard and perforated flasks, our benchtop caster allows you to invest your flasks under vacuum on the left side of the machine and vacuum cast on the right side.

Turn the control handle left to "Investment Table," and the powerful 3 CFM internal vacuum pump pulls air bubbles from the investment under a 9" diameter x 8-1/2" high bell jar.

Turn the handle to "Casting Chamber," and vacuum is redirected to the casting side.  Casts both standard and perforated flasks which fit into the well on right side of machine so that vacuum pulls from both the walls and bottom of the flask, ensuring a complete fill and denser casting. T1.5 includes:

  • Two adapter plates to cast 3-1/2" and 4" dia. perforated flasks (no adapter plate needed for 5" flasks)
  • Adapter plate to cast solid-wall flasks
  • Bell jar, flask tongs, vacuum & casting pads, 1 pt. vacuum pump oil
  • 3-1/2" x 4" perforated flask, 3-1/2" sprue base
T1.5 Deluxe Vacuum Casting Machine
Electrical: 110V, 6A, 60Hz or 220V, 3A, 50Hz
Construction: Steel with powder-coated finish
Motor: 1/2 HP
Vacuum Pump: 3 CFM
Dimensions: (W x D x H) 23" x 11" x 22"
(Height includes Bell Jar, 14"H without Bell Jar)
Shipping Weight: 77 lbs. (Ships in 2 boxes)