Gold Solder Paste

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Excellent for soldering fine chains and intricate jewelry items where precise application of solder is critical. Tiny amounts of solder can be placed to repair the most delicate links and maintain the flexibility of the chain.

Alloy and flux are premixed in paste form and packaged in convenient dispensing syringes. Alloy will not settle to the bottom of the syringe tube.

Syringes eliminate waste and improve the appearance of the joint area. Gold solders are plumb, contain 1 dwt gold per 1cc syringe.

Item #: Karat/Hardness Color Melting Point Flow Point
831-1007 10K Soft Yellow 1290° F 1320° F
831-1001   SOLD OUT 14KY Easy Yellow 1185° F 1275° F
831-1000   SOLD OUT 14KY Medium Yellow 1255° F 1335° F
831-1002   SOLD OUT 14KY Hard Yellow 1330° F 1390° F
831-1008   SOLD OUT 18KY Easy Yellow 1170° F 1295° F
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