German Standard-Weight Diagonal Nippers

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Excellent quality pliers with box joints to eliminate “wobble” and maintain jaw alignment even under stress. Semi-flush cut nipper cuts up to 1mm diameter copper or annealed 14K gold wire.

Measures 5-1/4" overall length with plastic no-slip grips. Jaws measure 3/4" long and 9/16" wide at end. Made in Germany.

There are 8 different pliers and nippers available in the German Standard-Weight Series (see links to each below). Also available is a money-saving set of the 4 most popular styles: Chain-Nose, Flat-Nose, Round-Nose and Half-Round/Flat.

1. Chain-Nose
2. Flat-Nose
3. Round-Nose
4. Half-Round/Flat
5. Half-Round/Concave
6. Rosary Pliers/Nippers
6. Round/Flat
8. Diagonal Nippers (you are on this page)

Set of 4: Chain-Nose, Flat-Nose, Round-Nose and Half-Round/Flat
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