ValueLine Pliers Set

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ValueLine pliers are a great find because of the surprisingly good quality at a very low price. Feature box joint for stability, double leaf springs, deep green PVC grips and a brush finish. Use them for your tough everyday jobs. They take a lot of abuse and are so affordable that you know you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth when you finally toss them away.

Measure 4-1/2" long. This 4-piece Set includes Flat-Nose, Round-Nose, Chain-Nose and semi-flush Side Cutter.
There are 4 pliers and 1 semi-flush cutter in the ValueLine series (listed below). All are also sold individually.

1. Flat-Nose
2. Chain-Nose
3. Bent Chain-Nose
4. Round-Nose
5. Side Cutter
6. Set of 4 (you are on this page)
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