Modular Tool Holder System

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Organize and declutter your bench with the most versatile method for holding burs and other tools in a limited space. These completely modular bur and tool holders interlock neatly so you can design the most convenient configuration for your bench. Make them into a tray to sit on your counter or lock them end-to-end to line the back or sides of your bench. Perfect for placing inside drawers to organize and protect tools .

You can design a tool holder to fit any available work surface no matter how small. Boxes slide neatly together and hold firmly, yet can be easily unassembled when desired. Made of hard plastic, thick and durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear.  All parts are red in color; clinical trial have shown that the color red is energizing and promotes accuracy.

Choose from these Styles:

Bur Holders are 2" squares with holes for burs and other mounted tools. Available in your choice of 3 sizes:
  • 25 holes measuring 3/32" diameter
  • 25 holes measuring 1/8" diameter
  • 9 holes measuring 1/4" diameter

  • Wedge acts as a base for the Bur Holder so that tools are held at a convenient 30° angle. Pictured is one wedge holding two Bur Holders.

    Trays of various sizes to hold pliers, files, solder, chuck keys, picks and all the other things that are otherwise easily misplaced on a workbench. All trays are 1-5/8" high.
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