Quick Disconnect Air Hose & Fittings

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Sturdy 1/4" nylon Air Hose has .040" wall thickness and is designed to fit our Quick Disconnect Fittings.

To connect, just push air hose into fitting - it automatically locks into place. To disconnect, push back the plastic ring on fitting and pull air hose out.

The 1/4" or 1/8" Male Fittings fit most sandblasters, wax injectors, sprue cutters, etc. Use 1/4" Males for Gesswein Air Filters and Regulators. Can also be used for vacuum pumps.
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    A. 1/4" Male Connector
    B. 1/8" Male Connector
    C. 1/4" Male Swivel T Connector
    D. Plug for 1/4" Connectors
    E. Female Coupling, 1/4" - 1/4"
    F. 1/4" Straight Union
    G. 1/4" Union T
    1/4" Union Elbow (not shown)
    H. 1/4" Male Elbow
    I. 1/8" Male Swivel Elbow
    K. Nipple Reducer 1/4" > 1/8"
    L. 1/4" O.D. Nylon Air Hose