New Hermes RV-II Inside Ring Engraver

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Point of purchase engraving makes it easy to close a sale, offers your customers instant gratification and turns each ring into a personalized keepsake.

The RV-II is manufactured by Gravograph (New Hermes), a supplier of engraving machines and accessories used by jewelers worldwide for over 70 years. The RV-II’s cast metal design and high precision components ensure that you will produce high quality engraving for generations to come.

With the RV-II you can engrave bright initials, dates or phrases on the inside of almost any shape or size ring easily and quickly. Requires no prior engraving experience – an unskilled operator can engrave up to 20 letters in a few minutes. Results are bright, highly readable and completely professional.

The RV-II will easily engrave on wedding bands or stone-set rings. It automatically centers the ring in the clamping jig. Uniform spacing between letters is easily accomplished by pushing a lever. A replaceable diamond stylus creates bright lettering with a handengraved appearance.

The reversible type dial (included) has 2 different type styles. Gothic is simple but fully readable, while Tilted Block presents a more formal appearance.

Also available are the Extra-Condensed and 2 Line Block Dials, as well as a continuous Script Dial for a more romantic look. Made in France.


Extra-Condensed Block            2-Line Block                Continuous Script

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