Moore's Snap-On Discs, Assortment Set

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This introductory set is a great way to sample the variety and convenience of all our Moore's Snap-On Discs. Set includes 120 Snap-On Discs plus 2 Snap-On Mandrels. Packaged in a sturdy reusable plastic box.

Included in set:

10 each Emery Discs, Coarse
10 each Emery Discs, Medium
10 each Emery Discs, Fine
10 each Adalox Discs, Coarse
10 each Adalox Discs, Medium
10 each Adalox Discs, Fine
10 each Sand Discs, Coarse
10 each Sand Discs, Medium
10 each Sand Discs, Fine
10 each Magnum Aluminum Oxide Discs, Coarse
10 each Magnum Aluminum Oxide Discs, Medium
10 each Felt Discs
2 each Snap-On Mandrels, 3/32" shank

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    Adalox Garnet Emery Sand Magnum
    Enamel & Porcelain



    Sprue Removal

    Non-Precious Metals

    General Purpose

    Emery/Paper - Coarse: black abrasive, pink backing
    Emery/Paper - Medium: black abrasive, yellow backing
    Emery/Paper - Fine: black abrasive, green backing

    Adalox/Paper - Coarse: brown abrasive, orange backing
    Adalox/Paper - Medium: brown abrasive, yellow backing
    Adalox/Paper - Fine: brown abrasive, green backing

    Sand/Plastic - Coarse: gray abrasive, dark brown letters on backing*
    Sand/Plastic - Medium: purple abrasive
    Sand/Plastic - Fine: white abrasive, white backing

    Magnum/Plastic - Coarse: gray abrasive, dark brown letters on backing*
    Magnum/Plastic - Medium: gray abrasive, light brown letters on backing

    Felt/Plastic: blue

    *Coarse Sand and Coarse Magnum discs are almost identical in appearance. The Magnums are slightly coarser (100 grit) than the Sand (150 grit). The only way to tell the difference at this time is to feel the grits. EC Moore will be color coding these two more definitively in future.