New SuperStone Ceramic Stones

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Strong yet incredibly flexible! Incorporating the latest technology in ceramic stones, the New SuperStone Ceramic Stones offer an improved cutting ability, increased heat resistance, and longer life.

Made of long ceramic fibers that will not break even under the most strenuous conditions, the New Super Stones can be used in ultrasonic polishers, reciprocating profilers, or by hand (with our Ceramic Super Stone Holders).

These strong yet flexible stones are ideal for polishing small intricate areas on all types of metals producing consistent and uniform surface finishes. New SuperStone Ceramic Stones are non-loading and can be shaped with the Super Dresser.

Available in 9 easy to identify color coded grits from 80 to 1200. Made in Japan.

  • Made of long ceramic fibers that will not break or dull, even when used under the most strenuous conditions or dressed to a very fine point.
  • Put an end to constant stone replacement: 100% of each stone is available for use due to solid ceramic construction.
  • Non-loading even under the most strenuous conditions.
  • Can be shaped to a very fine point and maintain its profile.
  • Incomparable polishing ability on all types of metals in detailed areas, narrow slots and ribs.
  • Perform beautifully on precious metals including gold and platinum for polishing the tiniest areas and for maintaining perfectly flat surfaces.
  • Available in both flat and round profiles.
  • Can be used in ultrasonic machining units, mechanical reciprocating handpieces, high speed rotary handpieces or by hand (hand holders sold separately).
  • Color-coded for easy identification and available in 80 to 1200 grit.

Impart uniform surface finishes on molds, dies and precision components. Produce excellent finishing results on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloys, silicon, and magnetic materials. Dress with Super Dresser.



Violet 80
Emerald 120
Gold 180
Light Brown 300
Orange 400
Gray (Brown) 600
Blue 800
White 1000
Red 1200
SuperStone Ceramic Stones are ideal for polishing jewelry because they can quickly remove scratches and surface imperfections even in the tiniest areas — on metal and even on 3D printed resin models. That's right, you can smooth away the machine lines left on your resin model before casting which reduces the amount of finishing (and gold waste) after casting.

Whether you're working in resin or metal, Ceramic Stones combined with a reciprocating or ultrasonic handpiece make finishing faster, cleaner and more precise. They save metal and produce a finer surface finish.

Ceramic Stones consist of Alumina Fiber resin bonded by heat. Because these fibers are laid lengthwise during manufacture, all cutting action is at the tip of the stone. The sides of the stones are "safe" and will not cut adjacent areas should you accidentally bump into them. (If you want to cut along the length of the stone, there is a ceramic stone variant designed for that purpose: the Diamond Ceramic Super Stone.)

SuperStone Ceramic Stones come in many sizes - even as small as 0.5mm. Using an old file, they can be easily shaped to reach into the tiniest areas. They can be shaped even to a fine point if desired. The stone will hold that shape and not dull or break during normal use.

SuperStone Ceramic Stones are perfect for polishing details and hard to reach areas like a tiny edge on a ring because they hold their shape and maintain the geometry of the jewelry.

Although they can be used in a rotary handpiece, the most effective finishing method for SuperStones is the back-and-forth motion of a reciprocating handpiece such as the FMR Mini-Filer which attaches to any standard flexible shaft machine.

SuperStone Ceramic Stones have superior tensile strength and incredible flexibility (for a stone) assuring the smoothest polishing results especially in detailed and hard to reach areas. The stone's strength is a perfect complement to the reciprocal action of a Mini-Filer and stands up exceedingly well to the heat-generating power of an ultrasonic polishing system. Ultrasonic polishing takes advantage of SuperStones' unique structure making it the fastest polishing method by a factor of 8 over other reciprocating handpieces.

If you've never used an ultrasonic handpiece, the action is quite unlike any other handpiece. The movement of the stone is so fast that your eye cannot see it move. This gives you tremendous control over tool placement. And, unlike a wheel, it doesn't throw dust into the air so your work area is cleaner and much less metal waste is produced.

No matter what type of handpiece is used, Ceramic Stones should be about 40-50mm in length for jewelry polishing use. They are sold in both 50mm and 100mm lengths, so a 100mm stone actually creates 2-3 usable pieces. (Ceramic stones can be broken exactly where you want using a flat or parallel plier.)

No water or oil is used. Just start the handpiece and apply the stone to the surface moving it continually. SuperStones work so efficiently in a Mini-Filer that an 800 grit Blue stone is usually sufficient to remove the roughest jewelry surfaces. Less rough surfaces will be finished easily with a 1000 grit stone. Coarser (and finer) grits are available if needed and may be particularly useful on harder metals.

After the rough surface is cleaned up and smoothed with SuperStone Ceramic Stones, the next step is your favorite medium grit abrasive followed by final polishing.

SuperStones relieve the time and tedium of finishing tiny detailed areas — finishing them more quickly and with a much smoother result than traditional polishing methods. And because the end result is so much smoother, subsequent finishing and polishing steps are faster and better too.
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