Ring Marking System Pliers & Accessories

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The easiest stamp system for karat-marking on rings! To stamp your rings you can use the handy Ring Marking Pliers (191-1000) by positioning the ring over the stamp and then squeezing the pliers in order to finish the impression in the metal. Always use the anvil with felt pad (191-1052) to prevent any marring. Several stamps available, (see details below) and they make an impression of 0.75mm.

Accessories Gesswein Item #
Marking Pliers only  191-1000
Concave Metal Ring Anvil 191-1052
10K Ring Stamp 191-1020
14K Ring Stamp 191-1030
18K Ring Stamp 191-1040
SS Ring Stamp 191-1010
PT Ring Stamp 191-1044
900 Ring Stamp 191-1041
925 Ring Stamp 191-1042
950 Ring Stamp 191-1043
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