Ceramitation Sets

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Two sets available: Opaque and Transparent. The Opaque Set contains 2 oz. bottles of all 7 Opaque Colors plus Transparent Clear and a 1-pint bottle of catalyst.

The Transparent Set contains 2 oz. bottles of all 6 Transparent Colors plus a 1-pint bottle of catalyst.

Colors also sold individually, see "Related Products" below. Colors can be mixed together to make custom colors.

Download PDF Instructions: Ceramitation Guide
Ceramitation is a liquid 2-part system in which a catalyst and a color are mixed, then fired at a low temperature. The result is a hard, ceramic-like surface resembling kiln-fired enamels in both appearance and physical properties.

Ceramitation can be brushed, sprayed, applied with a spatula or squeeze bottle and fired at 200°F for one hour. Hardness 60-75 on Sward scale (as compared to kiln-fired enamel 65-80, which requires 1,500°F to cure).

Colors can be mixed to obtain an infinite variety of shades. Adheres to metals, wood, plastics and ceramics. Can be stoned and polished. Can be applied in a single coat or built up in successive layers to obtain unusual and elegant finishes.

Simple and easy to use, so even beginners will be producing professional work in a short time. Can be cured in ordinary electric kitchen oven, by infrared lamp or by forced air blower. Do not use microwave, gas oven, or torch.

Colors sold individually or in kits.
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