Castaldo® Quick-Sll® RTV Jewelry Molding Rubber

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Castaldo® QuickSil is a revolutionary RTV two-part silicone mold rubber that cures in just 15 minutes – without heat or pressure and best of all, 0% Shrinkage! QuickSil is soft and pliable, so it's easy to mix and easy to pack even complicated models. Because no heat or pressure is used, there is absolutely no shrinkage and also the tear resistance is equal to any standard silicone mold rubber. QuickSil makes regular jewelry injection molds quickly and can also be used for direct casting of low-temperature metals, resins, plastics and metal clays. QuickSil is now available in two different hardness grades; QuickSil Firm (Green) and QuickSil Soft (Blue). The QuickSil Firm has been a mainstay for years and the QuickSil Soft was created as a more flexible rubber to handle the very delicate pieces. Safe, nonhazardous, nontoxic. Use standard mold frames. Available in 1 kg. kit (2.2 Lbs) (Part A and Part B) to make 3-4 standard size molds. Made in the USA.

  • No careful measuring
  • No messy liquids
  • No 12-24 hour wait for finished molds
  • No vulcanizer needed
  • No release sprays needed - it's self-lubricating
  • Can be used for direct casting of pewter & other low-temperature metals
  • 202
  • 900