Kerr® Ultra Waxer Tips

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Convenient quick-change tips for the Kerr Ultra Waxer. Just slide back the collar on the handpiece and the tip slides out.

Eight different tips are available – sold individually.

Available in 8 shapes (see chart below)
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    Item # Color Shape Stock
    A.   265-2573 Orange Large Denture In Stock
    B. 265-2572 Blue Short Small PKT* SOLD OUT
    C. 265-2440 Gray Short #7 In Stock
    D. 265-2441 Green Large #7 In Stock
    E. 265-2442 Black Short 1/2 Hollenback In Stock
    F. 265-2443 Red Short Needle In Stock
    G. 265-2444 Purple Short Beavertail In Stock
    H. 265-2445 Aqua Short Large PKT SOLD OUT

    * Included with Ultra Waxer.