Paramount® Felt Laps, 4" & 6"

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Pure wool felt laps uniquely made to ensure proper hardness and performance. All have pinhole centers. Maximum operating speed: 3,450rpm.

Dia. x Thickness Available Hardnesses
4" x 1/4" Hard, Rock-Hard
4" x 1/2" Soft, Medium, Hard, Rock-Hard
4" x 3/4" Medium, Hard
6" x 1/4" Hard, Flint-Hard
6" x 1/2" Soft, Medium, Hard, Rock-Hard, Flint-Hard
6" x 1" Soft, Medium, Hard
Felt has earned and deserved a reputation for centuries for outperforming all other polishing materials. Felt provides the perfect "home" for polishing compounds and slurries of all types. Here are the secrets of felt's success:
  • Felt's porosity accepts fine abrasive particles and continually presents an even, sharp, cutting action.
  • The resiliency of felt helps to conform the polishing surface to the part.
  • As felt wears, it always presents an identical medium for polishing compounds.
  • The ability to machine felt to close tolerances makes it possible to offer the exact felt profile required to match the profile of the part.
Gesswein offers a wide selection of wheel styles and sizes. Available in six densities: soft, medium, hard, rock hard, flint hard, and diamond hard.

Split and beveled laps are very popular with jewelers. Used on a horizontal polishing machine (lapping machine) with the flat side down, the polisher can "see through" the slits as the wheel turns. This allows for pinpoint precise polishing and is especially effective in polishing flat surfaces, angles and corners with no distortion.
Typical application areas include:
Jewelry Windshield Repair Plastic Parting Lines
All Metals Medical Parts Fiberglass
Honing Wood Chisels Plastic Parts Stone
Glass Polishing Dental
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