Neyclean SP Investment Remover

$42.45 SDS
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Specially formulated Neyclean SP makes quick work of investment removal. The powerful powder formula strips investment from your castings and molds exceptionally fast. Used in a heated ultrasonic tank, Neyclean SP works even faster: heat enhances its cleaning power.

Better still, Neyclean SP can be used over and over again, providing great savings over competitive products.

Biodegradable! Effective, easy to use, economical and safe for the environment – Neyclean SP is all these. Try it and you'll be impressed by the time, money and effort it saves you.

Supplied in a plastic container. Combined with hot tap water, one container makes 12-1/2 liters of solution.

Recommended only for investments that are mixed with water (not acid).

Please note the color of the packaging and product can vary. 

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