Gesswein® Diamond Compound, Budget Oil Soluble

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When price is a factor, Gesswein Budget Oil Soluble Compounds offer a lower price due to variations in grain size and friability.

All Gesswein Diamond Compounds use 100% virgin synthetic diamonds which are more consistent in shape than natural diamond. Synthetic diamond guarantees sharp even cutting action.

Packaged in 6 gram and 18 gram disposable syringes.

Color Style # Micron Approx. Mesh End Use
Ivory 1-8M 0-2 14,000 Super Finish
Yellow 3-7M 2-4 8,000 Very High Finish
Orange 6-48M 4-8 3,000 Mirror Finish
Green 9-6M 8-12 1,800 High Finish
Blue 15-5M 12-22 1,200 Fine Finish
Red 30-4H 22-36 600 Fast Lapping
Compounds with a designation "M" (in the style number) are 75% diamond concentration. "H" compounds are 100% concentration. Please note: all grades can be special ordered in L (light) 50%, M (medium) 75%, or H (heavy) 100% concentrations. Please email us at for information and pricing.