Mold Polishing Made Easy

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By Martin McGrath

A very detailed, but simple approach to mold polishing. Emphasis is given to bringing up the required finish in the least amount of time. It takes the polisher step by step from the EDM or machine finish to the final #2 or #1 polish, and anywhere in between.

Includes sections on "orange peel", and how to avoid or remedy the problem, time saving tips on slots and radii, how to trouble-shoot and repair a finish, and how to most efficiently take advantage of Ultrasonic polishers and air handpieces.

Very specifically suggests what kind of stones, brushes, and felts to use in each area and, most importantly, when to move on to the next step.

This 6 x 9 reference manual should have a place in everyone's tool box whether a Vo-Tech tool and die student, mold polisher or veteran mold maker. Soft cover, 24 pages.
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