Power Hand®  BZX Belt Sander

$118.30 - $1,415.00
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Use the Power Hand BZX Belt Sander to:
  • Remove EDM and machine tool marks
  • Finish narrow slots
  • Finish flat and curved surfaces
  • Precise deburring
A well-designed pistol grip provides comfort and reduces operator fatigue. Operates with minimal vibration. Flexible cord for easy reach.

Supplied with 2 quick-change arms: one straight and one 45° angle for 6mm and 8mm wide sanding belts, see "Related Products" below. Arms are spring-loaded for rapid belt changes.

An optional straight arm for narrow 4mm belts is also available.

Belt speed is 3-12M/sec. (10-39 feet/sec.) with Standard Controller and from 0-12M/sec. with Dual Controller (or with Standard Controller using Optional Variable Speed Foot Rheostat). Net weight 16 oz.

Measures 6" long x 4-1/2" tall. Backed by a limited warranty that covers wear parts for 90 day and overall balance of parts for 6 months. Made in Japan.

Note: Sanding Belts can be found on this page.
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