Power Hand®  Reciprocating Profilers

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These light (24 oz.) reciprocating handpieces come complete with powerful 30V DC air-cooled motors and sealed bearings. Use for polishing flat surfaces, deburring, filing, stoning, scraping, lapping and draw-stoning deep cavities. They operate with minimal vibrations to reduce fatigue and have flexible power cords for easy reach. Special V-shaped chucking system firmly secures a wide variety of abrasives and other tools such as steel files. Reciprocating stroke lengths are adjustable. Use with PH3 controller or PH2X controller, as well as ULTRAMAX DF and ULTRAMAX MF.

Both Z-2X and Z-6X provide standard back-and-forth reciprocating action. They hold 1.5 to 6.35mm (1/4") diameter tools. Secured tools can float freely and be fixed at any position through 360°. Comfortable grips allow prolonged use.

Z-2X has a 0-2.0mm length of stroke with a variable strokes per second rate up to 117.

Z-6X has a 0-6.0mm length of stroke with a variable strokes per second rate up to 70.

Both handpieces should be used with our Tool Holders
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    Model: Z-2X Z-6X SZX
    Strokes per Second

        with Dual Controller:1 0-117 0-70 0-133
        with Standard Controller: 29-117 15-70 32-133
    Length of Stroke: 0 - 2.0mm 0 - 6.0mm 0 - 1.6mm2
    Max. Stoppage Torque

        with Dual Controller:3 0.056/0.076 0.056/0.076 0.054/0.073
        with Standard Controller:3 0.048/0.065 0.048/0.065 0.047/0.064
        with Single Controller:3 0.053/0.072 0.053/0.072 0.053/0.072
    Max. Shaft Output (W/sec.)

        with Dual Controller: 50 50 36
        with Standard Controller: 32.5 32.5
        with Single Controller: 33.8 33.8 33
    Net Weight: 24 oz. 24 oz. 10 oz.

    1 Or with Standard Controller with Optional Variable Speed Foot Rheostat.
    2 Increases with tool length.
    3 foot pounds / Newton meters.
    Safety Recommendations for Z-2X, Z-6X and SZX Profilers
    Prolonged use of vibrating or reciprocating tools may result in vibration-induced circulation problems in the hands. Always follow safe operating procedures. Taking frequent breaks can help minimize but not guarantee against injury. Operating these types of tools in cold weather or with a tight grip will reduce the period of operation before risking potential injury. Individuals with a tendency to suffer from poor circulation, frequently cold fingers or itchy hands should closely monitor the condition of their hands. If symptoms appear, seek medical advice immediately.

    For current safety guidelines on Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV), please consult the American National Standards Institute publication ANSI/ASA S2.70-2006 (R2011).

    Instruction Manuals including Parts Diagrams/Lists:

    PDF Download: PowerHand Z-2X

    PDF Download: PowerHand Z-6X

    PDF Download: PowerHand SZX