Weldmax Standard Welding Powders

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For Weldmax 350 standard function. An asterisk (*) next to the item name indicates an item that comes standard with the Weldmax 350.  All powders are sold in packages of 40 grams.

Powder Material Hardness Application
N40 Ni-Cr Alloy HRc 36-42 All Mold Steels
N90 Ni Alloy HRc 16-20 All Mold Steels
N50 Ni Alloy HRc 47-53 All Mold Steels
N13 Ni Alloy HRc 10-15 All Mold Steels
NS12 SS 316 HV 200 Max. All Mold Steels
N70 Fe (Iron) HRc 50-55 Cast Iron
N51* Hardened SKH51 HRc 63 Min. D-2, M-2, S-7
N11 Hardened SKD11 HRc 50 Min. D-2
N61 Hardened SKD61 HRc 53 Min. H-13
N80* Prehardened NAK80/PHM50 HRc 38-40 P-20, P-21
N55 Prehardened NAK55/PHM1 HRc 38-41 P-21
N38 HPM38/PD555 HRc 30 Max. SS 420
N39 Stavax/PD555 HRc 50-52 STAVAX
Welding materials are available in atomized metal powder (standard and precise grades for use with precision function), sheet metal (0.1-0.2mm thick) and wire (0.2-0.6mm dia. and 0.015-0.025" dia.). The welding materials are particularly suitable for use with rolled, prehardened, quenched and tempered, free cutting steels and stainless steels. Each has a different hardness and metal mold application.

Ideally, weld material hardness should match base metal hardness. As a rule, however, very good results can be achieved with N80 powder or NAK80, NTA1 or NTA2 sheet (supplied with Weldmax). These produce strong homogeneous welds on most molds.

Molds for small parts usually made of harder alloys should be welded with N51 powder (supplied with Weldmax) or harder sheet material.
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