Rotating Bench Vise

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Two sturdy quality-made vises especially suited for tool and die makers and for electronic and general metalworking.

The vise head can be rotated a full 360° and tilted from a flat 180° horizontal to a full 90° vertical, then locked securely in place, allowing your workpiece to be easily swiveled and angled into the best working position.

Supplied with steel jaws. One jaw has 2 V-shaped grooves for holding wire and round or tube stock. Movable vise jaw slides smoothly in a brass guide. Jaw clamping screw and joint locking screw work on bronze lead nuts.

Two models from which to choose:
  • Small: 1-13/16" wide jaw model with a clamping range up to 3"
  • Large: 3-1/4" wide jaw model with a clamping range up to 4-1/8"
(See Specifications tab above for more details.)

Each model is supplied with base mount for securely mounting vise on the edge of the workbench or counter. Attaches with a clamp screw that opens to a maximum of 3". The base mount can also be removed for fixing the vise with screws directly to the work table.
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    Size Jaw Width Clamping
    Small 1-13/16" (46mm) 3" (75mm) 1-3/8" (35mm) 4 lbs.
    Large 3-1/4" (82mm) 4-1/8" (105mm) 2-7/32" (56mm) 14 lbs.

    Optional Nylon Jaws are available for each vise on this page. Nylon jaws will firmly hold the desired workpiece without risk of marring or scratching it.