Gesswein® Diamond Poli Files – Medium

Price Varies
1 - 4
5 - 9
10 +
Total ---
Parallel machine files for use in Power Hand 2X Recipros, the SZX Profiler, Ushio UHT TurboLap, and other reciprocating handpieces.
  • 2" overall length
  • 3mm shanks
  • Coated ends measure 5/8" long
  • All are medium (150 grit)
Sold individually or in sets.  Set of 6 includes all asterisked styles below.  Set of 12 includes 1 of each except for Flat 5x2mm.

Style Shape Cut Plated End
Width x Thickness
A. * Flat Cut on 1 width 2 x 1mm

3 x 1mm

4 x 1mm

5 x 2mm
E. * Three-Square Cut on all sides 2mm


H. Round Cut on full circumference 1mm
I. *


K. * Crossing Cut on all sides 2 x 1mm
L. * Flat Cut on short sides only
1 x 3mm
M. * Knife Cut on all sides 1 x 4mm
* Included in Set of 6.

Ideal for filing hardened metals, including steel and carbide, as well as ceramics and hard plastics. Made in USA.

Gesswein Diamond Files use 100% man-made diamonds. These synthetic diamonds are more consistent in shape than natural diamonds. This guarantees sharp and even cutting action, durability and long life. All blanks are precision-made of high-strength steel. High-density wear-resistant plating enables total usage of the full concentration of diamond crystals.
  • 110