3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Hand Pads

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On surfaces that require cleaning, deburring or finishing by hand, Scotch-Brite hand pads out-perform steel wool, wire brushes and other non-woven hand pads. They cut faster and leave a more consistent finish.

Scotch-Brite pads will never rust, so they can be used with water or solvents. Available in three color-coded grades for a variety of cleaning and finishing jobs.

Measure 6” x 9” and can be cut to fit Pad Holder or Mini Mandrel (see "Related Products" below).

Sold by the box. Made in Canada.

Color Grade Application Package Size
Tan Coarse Heavy-duty cleaning Box of 10
Maroon Fine Cleaning & finishing Box of 20
Light Gray Extra-Fine Fine cleaning & finishing Box of 20
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  • 999