GRS® #901 Quick-Change Handpiece and Quick-Change Set

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Offers wide power range and fine control. Comfortable, compact shape has an adjustable side hose connection. Great for stone setting, fine and microscopic engraving, deep relief work and bead raising/hammer setting.

Features heat-treated stainless steel construction, ergonomic handle and adjustable side hose connection.  #901 Handpiece comes with 6 quick-change holders or in a complete set. The Quick-Change #901 Handpiece set includes a #901 handpiece and quick-change handle, six quick-change tool holders and tool tray. 

Requires a engraving system and compressed air. Compatible GRS systems include the GraverMach AT (856-0270),  GraverMax G8 (856-0311), GraverMach,  GraverSmith (855-9950), and Classic GraverMax / GraverMate machines.  

Handpiece measures 2.6" long. Weighs 2.6 oz. Total weight  11.2 oz.

* Color may vary, either blue or gray.

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