JewelCAD Pro

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JewelCAD Pro is the new generation of jewelry designing and modeling software that is more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, JewelCAD. It has a completely new programming core that allows fast and up-to-date extension of features. JewelCAD Pro still maintains the simple user interface and similar way of working in JewelCAD so that current users can operate it easily.

  • Non-engineering approach for easy learning and fast operation.
  • Only basic knowledge in computers is needed to master the software in several weeks.
  • JewelCAD Pro is much improved in its STL data export, photo quality rendering and automatic tools for diamond setting.
  • JewelCAD Pro is ideally suited for jewelry designers and design studios to create custom jewelry and publish marketing materials over the Internet.
  • Supports real-time move, size and rotate during rendering and support bounding box transformation on objects.
  • Generates isoparametric curves on surface and can be converted to simple curves for modeling and stone setting.
  • Allows creating curves on surface.
  • Easier and more effective manipulation of control points on surface, also allowing addition of local control points.
Stone Auto-Setting Feature:
  • Free setting of frames on surface by mouse, then assigning stone, setting or object to frames.
  • Generate array of stones along curve or surface with different stone size and separation.
  • Auto setting within a defined region.
  • Auto setting within two curves.
Single integrated solution for Design, Photo-realistic rendering, CNC machining and Rapid Prototyping output for manufacturing:
  • Allows 3-Dimensional viewing and manipulation of models.
  • Fast and easy to output high quality photo-realistic color images.
  • Calculate the weight and count the number of stones of a design.
  • Output standard STL data for CNC 3-axis and rotary axis machining.
  • Output standard and seamless STL and SLC data for Rapid Prototyping.
  • Pentium, or higher processors.
  • Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.*
  • The minimum requirement is Pentium 4 CPU, 512MB RAM, 24 bit color with 1024x768 resolution supporting OpenGL.
  • The suggested configuration is Intel Core 2 Duo or above, 2GB RAM or above, 24-bit or 32 bit color display card with 1280x.1024 resolution (or higher), 256MB RAM (or above), supporting OpenGL.

* JewelCAD Pro will not be ported to any other operating systems, but does run on Apple Macs with Virtual PC.
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