Wolf™ Precision Wax Carvers

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Designed by Kate Wolf, master modelmaker and educator. These exciting new tools have the profiles and edges that wax carvers have been waiting for.

Wolf Precision Carvers are made of chromium manganese tool steel for precise, sharp, durable edges. The beech wood handles are color-coded and numbered for quick identification. The Full Set of 18 tools comes complete with heavy-duty plastic canister and a 24-page 7"x7" full-color instructional booklet with over 140 color illustrations and photos. Ideal for wax carving, polymer clay and PMC.

Wolf's Precision Wax Carvers, Wolf Wax by Ferris and the techniques shown in the Wolf Instruction Booklet are the result of 25 years of wax carving experience. Although made for professionals these tools will enable beginners and hobbyists to achieve professional results thanks to the clear generous information provided in the Instruction Booklet which also gives website addresses for further instruction.
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