Smith Casting Torch

$85.15 - $199.95
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Whether you need to melt 1 oz. or 12 oz., this versatile torch does the job. Consists of handle and your choice of 2 different heavy-duty copper 63.5°-angle tips. Choose the tip that corresponds to the fuel gas you use: propane or acetylene.

Tip Type Oxy/Fuel PSI Melts up to:
Oxy/Propane Single Orifice 11/11 3 oz. platinum
Oxy/Acetylene Rosebud 10/10 12 oz. gold/silver

Handle features rugged silver-brazed construction, forged brass butt and precision-machined brass head. Measures 15/16" dia. x 7"L. Weighs 14 oz. Ball-type needle valves resist uneven wear and allow easy flame adjustment. Backed by a lifetime warranty. UL listed. Made in USA.
  • Two-tube handle construction for extra strength
  • Threaded and soldered inner tube for prevention of cross-leaking
  • Drag nut adjustment on knobs for preferred valve resistance
  • Special packing in knobs for smooth adjustments and gas-tight seal
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