Sherline Four-Jaw Chuck

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Holds irregularly shaped parts on or deliberately off center. Clamps tighter than three-jaw chuck. Grips from 2mm (3/32") to 38mm (1-1/2") diameter stock with jaws in normal position, up to 70mm (2-3/4") with jaws in reverse position. Measures 17mm (.687") dia. through hole with 3/4", 16 thread.

These chucks have four advantages over 3-jaw chucks.

  1. They can be used to hold irregularly shaped parts
  2. They can be used to center parts with a great deal of accuracy
  3. 4-jaw chucks can be used to deliberately hold a part off-center
  4. They can clamp stock tighter

This is a valuable asset when machining cams, crankshafts and similar parts. The main disadvantage of the 4-jaw independent chuck is that the jaws must be set individually, adding considerable setup time. The jaws are reversible to accommodate larger stock.

Like the Sherline 3-jaw chucks, the 4-jaw chucks can be used to clamp either externally or internally. Although we recommend the 3-jaw chuck for standard lathe projects, the 4-jaw chuck is considered the accessory that could add the most versatility to your machine. If you feel the 4-jaw chuck would be more useful, and you have no need for the 3-jaw chuck, any lathe “A” package can be ordered with the 4-jaw chuck substituted for the 3-jaw upon request. A clamping groove allows the chuck to hold parts for milling.


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