Eschenbach Clip-On Magnifiers

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Feature prescription-grade lenses made of PXM optically pure plastic, which is lighter than glass and more resistant to breaking. Lenses are coated with Cera-Tec on both sides to resist scratching. Clip mechanisms are made of lightweight, well-balanced fiberglass-reinforced plastic for comfortable hands-free viewing, even over long periods of time.

Available in binocular and monocular styles. Monocular style (4X ) has a large 35mm diameter lens for a wide field of view. Both styles include four soft rubber clip sleeves that protect your glasses from scratches. Packaged in hard plastic box with lens cleaning cloth. Meets EN ISO 9001 standards.

Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Made in Germany.

Item # 272-3259 272-3260 272-3261 272-3270
Magnification: 2X 2.5X 3X 4X
Lens Type: Binocular Binocular Binocular Binocular
Diopter: 2.5D 5D 7.75D 16D
Working Distance: 250mm (9.84") 180mm (7.08")  160mm (6.29") 55mm (2.16")
Lens Type: Aspheric Aspheric Aspheric Aspheric
Lens Material: PXM Plastic PXM Plastic PXM Plastic PXM Plastic
Lens Coating: Cera-Tec Cera-Tec Cera-Tec Cera-Tec
Bridge Size: 0.98" 0.98" 0.98" 0.98"
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