GRS® QC Gravers

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Just sharpen and use. Eliminate tedious shaping—think of the time they’ll save you! Fit all GRS QC (quick-change) impact handpieces when mounted in GRS QC Holders. Also fit many other handpieces, including NgraveR, Magna-Graver, Foredom Power Graver and more. Ground from high-speed chrome tool steel to precision standards. Sold individually and in 2 different kits (for engravers and for stone setters, see "Related Products" below.

Graver Shape Number Width
Flat 37 0.4mm

38 0.6mm

39 0.8mm

40 1.0mm

42 1.4mm

44 1.8mm
Round 50 0.2mm

51 0.4mm

52 0.6mm

53 0.8mm
Point (Onglette) 2/0 1.45mm

0 1.58mm

1 1.78mm

3 1.94mm
Knife 1 2.0mm

2 2.2mm
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