Castaldo® Gelato Super High Strength™

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This silicone-based rubber makes molds that cut like butter. Uncured, it has the consistency of soft putty, making it very easy to pack in undercuts and detailed areas.

Produces a firm mold with excellent flexibility and tear strength. Strong enough to make complex multi-part molds. Gives waxes a smooth, shiny finish for easy release from molds and less finishing on castings.

Vulcanize at 330°F for 15 minutes per layer of rubber. Sold in 5 lb. boxes of 2-7/8" x 18" strips. Available in standard yellow and in your choice of 6 new Gelato rainbow colors or in a box of assorted Gelato colors.

More information and a comparison between the various types of Castaldo Silicone Rubbers.
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