Ney 3-550A Venturi Air Furnace

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NOTICE: Machines for US customers only. Warranty void if purchased for use outside of the US.

The Ney 3-550A Venturi Air Furnace is engineered for the cleanest burnout possible in an electric oven. Gas porosity, also known as pinhole or micro porosity, can ruin your platinum castings or require expensive rework such as laser welding. The Ney 3-550A Venturi Air Furnace tackles gas porosity at its source.

The self-contained Venturi exhaust/blower system continuously introduces fresh air for more complete combustion of your waxes. It substantially reduces carbon residue and other by-products of incomplete combustion, virtually eliminating gas porosity in your castings. Great for gold and silver too!
  • Air intensity is user-controlled—increase airflow when you need to hold more flasks.
  • Air is preheated before entering furnace to keep temperature constant.
  • Flasks are uniformly heated—no hot or cold spots.
  • Fully programmable digital temperature controller with LCD readout of temperature and
    countdown time, delay start and membrane keypad.
  • Durable hybrid muffle material for more efficient heating.
  • Slide-out heating elements for easy replacement.
  • Space-saving vertical rise door with smooth roll-back action for maximum access.
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    Electrical: 220-240V, 1 Ph, 2800W, 50/60H
    Exterior Dimensions: 15.8"W x 17.0"D x 16.0"H (25.0"H with door open)
    Chamber Dimensions: 9.0"W x 9.0"D x 7.0"H
    Max. Flask Size: 4" x 6" (holds four solid or two perforated)
    Max. Temperature: 2,012° F (1,100° C)
    Net/Shipping Weights: 45/60 lbs. (20/27kg)