Blowdown Attachment for Automatic Water-Feed Steamers

$1,109.00 - $1,129.00
Special Order Item
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Fits Auto-6 and Auto-8 Automatic Water-Feed Steamers only.

The Blowdown Attachment automates the cleaning procedure for your Auto-6 or Auto-8 steamer. Drains the steamer tank every night, keeping it clean for maximum life and reliable performance day after day. Activates when steamer pressure drops to 15 PSI, opening the steamer valve and emptying the tank into your drain (steamer valve must be plumbed to drain). Refills the tank automatically when the steamer is turned on in the morning.

120-240V/60Hz unit (for 60Hz steamers) can be installed at time of steamer purchase or retrofitted upon return of steamer to factory. 

240-415V/50Hz unit (for 50Hz steamers, export only) cannot be retrofitted and must be factory installed at time of steamer purchase.
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