Fretz Stake Holders

$19.95 - $52.75
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VB-1 Wood Vise Block holds the H-1 holder. Measures 3"L x 2"W x 1-1/2"H.

H-1 Holder is the foundation of the Fretz Miniature Stakes. Every Bezel, Forming or Mushroom Stake fits into the tapered hole of the H-1 Holder. This allows you to use the tools in multiple directions without the stake vibrating or slipping.

The H-1 Holder may be mounted on a sturdy workbench, wood block or a stump. Mounting two H-1 Holders near each other is useful when multiple stakes are being used on the same project. Shown mounted on the VB-1 Vise Block.

H-2 Holder is no longer available.
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