Gesswein® Plumb Solders

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Manufactured for Gesswein under strict quality guidelines so that composition, temperature and color are consistent and uniform from lot to lot. Contains no cadmium, no indium. Available in 3 styles:
  • Sheet: sold by the dwt.
  • Chips: measure 1 x 1mm and are packaged 1 dwt per vial.
  • Paste: sold in 1 dwt per 1cc syringe.
Prices are subject to change with market prices.

Karat Color Melting Point Flow Point
18KY Soft Yellow 1,300° F 1,360° F
18KY Medium Yellow 1,350° F 1,435° F
18KY Hard Yellow 1,440° F 1,530° F
14KY Soft Yellow 1,285° F 1,265° F
14KY Medium Yellow 1,330° F 1,390° F
14KY Hard Yellow 1,400° F 1,440° F
14KY Extra-Hard Yellow 1,420° F 1,555° F
18KW Soft White 1,575° F 1,580° F
14KW Soft White 1,290° F 1,295° F
14KW Hard White 1,335° F 1,445° F
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