Ferris® Cowdery Profiles

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This item is no longer going to be carried by Gesswein, limited availability, while supplies last. 

Cowdery Profiles by Ferris were uniquely designed to save jewelry designers significant time creating prong settings, clasps, hinges or other complex shapes quickly and easily. These specially designed, precision-formed wax extrusions can be used individually or in combinations. A select offering of these are available. See drop-down menu for current availability as the chart below is not updated. Both the blue and the purple have a melting point of 240 degrees Fahrenheit, ash content of 0.003% and a flash point of 585 degrees Fahrenheit. The blue has more flexibility and the purple is easier for carving.

Sold in convenient plastic tubes, one shape, color and size per package – six pieces in each package.

Item # Color Shape Size
261-9380 Blue Round Solid 4.0mm
261-9420 Blue  Round Tube* 5.0mm
261-9425 Blue Round Tube* 6.0mm
261-9465 Blue Square Tube* 2.0mm
261-9485 Blue Square Tube* 4.0mm
261-9510 Blue 3 Prong 8.0mm
261-9560 Blue Channel 1.0mm
261-9580 Purple Round Solid 1.0mm
261-9605 Purple Round Solid 3.5mm
261-9685 Purple Square Tube* 5.0mm

* 0.75mm Wall

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