MEDALight® Large Light Box

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Minor scratches on the outer casing.

A full-size light box for shooting a wide range of items. 11" x 16" imaging platform; five individually controllable, dimmable 5000K fluorescent lights in front, rear, sides and bottom; and infinity curve from bottom platform to rear panel for seamless background transition.

Includes removable front door, universal camera bracket, power adapter, six colored background papers and two black side masks.

This light box features one main power switch and five individual light switches with dimmers that control the diffused 5000K fluorescent lighting from all sides (lights are located underneath the platform, on each side, in the back and in the front on each side of the opening).

Designed for use with today's consumer-oriented digital cameras. Just mount your camera on the included top-mounted bracket, and you're ready to start taking pictures! Or take advantage of the removable front door, which allows easy picture taking from the front of the box (camera tripod recommended, see "Related Products" below). Creates a consistent, shadow-free and virtually reflection-free environment that's perfect for shooting a wide variety of jewelry.
    Electrical: 110/220V
    Dimensions: 19"W x 15"D x 14"H

    Not sure which digital camera to buy to photograph your jewelry? Download our helpful guide "Choosing the Right Digital Camera for Jewelry Photography".

    Comparison of Medalight Imaging Systems:

    Model: Imaging Platform Size: Lighting: Special Features: Dimensions:
    Light Box
    9" x 12" 1 Fluorescent (Soft),
    1 Yellow (Hard),
    1 LED (Sparkle)
    Different lighting styles provide good general jewelry lighting including colored stones. LED adds sparkle. 14-1/2"W
    Light Box
    9" x 12" 3 Fluorescent Dimmable lighting to control glare. Suits any type of stone or metal. 14-1/2"W
    Light Box

    (on this page)
    11" x 16" 5 Fluorescent Dimmable lighting to control glare. Extra large platform for larger pieces or jewelry sets. 19"W
    Light Box
    17" x 23" 4 Fluorescent Movable lights & diffuser for the highest level of control over shadows and highlights. 30"W

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      "I love my MEDALight Large Light Box. Here's why:
      • Once I've calibrated my camera to match the light sources inside the box, the colors in my photographs are dead-on accurate, which save me tons of time in terms of photo editing.
      • The six light dials allow me to adjust the brightness coming from just about any direction, which helps to cut down on unwanted reflections.
      • The translucent, under-lighted floor of the box makes photographing transparent items a snap.
      • The top and side doors offer a wide range of possible directions from which to shoot, plus the top camera mount allows me to adjust my focal distance.
      • Once I've adjusted my lighting levels and camera angle, I can rapidly photograph multiple items one after another, with little or no additional adjustments required.
      "In the year since I purchased my MEDALight Large Light Box, I've photographed nearly a thousand gemstones with it. It's helped me cut my setup, photography and editing time by two-thirds, compared to using conventional studio equipment. In time saved, it's already paid for itself several times over!"

      Judith Kiriazis
      Owner and Photographer, Heart of Stone Studio, Cottonwood, AZ