Eschenbach MaxDetail, up to 2X

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This headset magnifier offers high-end features at an affordable price. Galilean design provides wide field of view (20°) and independently adjustable magnification and focus for each lens, ensuring excellent clarity for each eye.* Objective lenses compensate for ±3-diopter spherical correction or allow adjustment for close-up activities.

Lightweight PXM® optics, flexible plastic temples and smooth molded bridge allow comfortable extended wear. Frosted objective housing eliminates distracting reflections.

Includes zippered carrying case and head strap.

* To adjust each lens: Close or cover one eye and turn the adjustment wheel for the open eye until your work area is in focus. Do the same for the other eye. Both eyes have perfect focus eliminating eye strain.

Made in Germany.

Magnification: up to 2X
Lens Size: 32mm
Features: Can be adjusted (±3 diopter) for spherical correction
Working Distance: 16"
Field of View: 20°
Weight: 1.7 ounces or 49 grams
Case: Included
Case Material: Framed nylon with zipper
Temple Length: 135mm
Temple Feature: New "cold" bend wire-core temple that allows for proper fitting of the temples
Bridge: Open Saddle
Frame Size: 137mm
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