TolTec Microimage Cameras & Fixtures, up to 250X

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The TolTec Microimage Measurer is a high-resolution video inspection and measurement system. It verifies the accuracy of mold measurements during the mold making process while the mold is still in place on the EDM or milling machine!

Eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone routine of having to remove, measure and relocate the mold, allowing you to check tolerances on the fly with ease. Minimizes costly mistakes often caused by inexact mold repositioning. Accurate measurements are taken and recorded from the machine’s CNC controller.

Choose a TolTech Microimage Camera (your choice of 3 magnifications: 30X, 55X, and 250X), then choose a fixture (3R, EROWA, and NB) to fit your EDM or milling machine. (Also available in sets with 15" monitor, see "Related Products" below.)
  • Precise, in-process measurement verification of mold without removal from host machine for reduced downtime and increased productivity
  • Quick, hassle-free changeover from tooling head to imaging head.
  • In-process X-Y tolerance verification
  • High-resolution video inspection
  • Integral lens laser point finder
  • Working tolerances equal to those of host machines
  • Compatibility with a variety of different machines
  • Choice of 30X, 55X and 250X cameras and 3R, EROWA and NB (12, 16, or 20mm) fixtures.
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