Gesswein® Diamond Compound, Standard Oil Soluble

$2.65 - $137.95
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Our most popular diamond compound. The oil soluble carrier holds the compound together very well, even under high speed applications. The carrier helps to provide faster cutting action and can be thinned with our Lubricant/Thinner (see "Related Products" below).

These compounds feature close tolerances on particle size and distribution for consistency. The diamond concentration has been specifically designed for the mold & die industry.

All Gesswein Diamond Compounds use 100% virgin synthetic diamonds which are more consistent in shape than natural diamond. Synthetic diamond guarantees sharp even cutting action.

Packaged in 1 gram, 6 gram and 18 gram disposable syringes.

Color Style # Micron Approx. Mesh End Use
White 1/2-9M 0-1 60,000 Supreme Finish
Ivory 1-8M 0-2 14,000 Super Finish
Yellow 3-7M 2-4 8,000 Very High Finish
Orange 6-48M 4-8 3,000 Mirror Finish
Green 9-6M 8-12 1,800 High Finish
Blue 15-5M 12-22 1,200 Fine Finish
Red 30-4H 22-36 600 Fast Lapping
Brown 45-3H 36-54 325 Medium Cutting
Purple 60-2H 230 Fast Cutting
Gray 90-1H 170 Coarse Cutting
Black 120H 120 Fast Grinding
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    Compounds with a designation "M" (in the style number) are 75% diamond concentration. "H" compounds are 100% concentration. Please note: all grades can be special ordered in L (light) 50%, M (medium) 75%, or H (heavy) 100% concentrations. Please email us at for information and pricing.