Fretz Small Embossing Hammers

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For forming small raised areas by hammering from the inside in preparation for chasing or general shaping. This hammer leaves a very fine dimpled texture that can be greatly varied by the strength of the blow.

Available in two sizes:

Style# Face Sizes Head
HMR-5 5mm (3/8") and 3mm (1/4") 72mm (3") 9"
HMR-105 10mm (1/2") and 7mm (3/8") 102mm (4") 9-7/8"

Fretz Hammers feature beautiful and strong Padauk wood handles, oil finished and tapering to a slender neck for flexibility. Head is cast from 420-grade stainless steel and hardened to 50HRC for maximum durability. Faces are polished to a mirror shine.
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